Hi!  OUR GRANDPARENTS ARE VISITING and I am in a play of the wiz.  My entire class plays munchkins.  Does this typing look better ? tell me in the comments.  I like the ”39 clues” books.  I have only read 1 but I want to read them all.  I think someone should make a movie of it. It is geting late, dont forget to tell me what typing looks better in the comments bye                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   lucy


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Books that I am reading, and classes I am taking.

Hi.  So I am not a reporter any more. Three book series’ I’m enjoying lately are ‘Lady Grace Mysteries’ (I’m up to letter ‘L’),  ‘The Roman Mysteries’, and ‘The Royal Diaries’, which are books about famous princesses and queens.  Other books I’m reading are ‘Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm’ (I’m planning to read both the abridged and original versions),   and anything I can find about Queen Elizabeth I.

I’m taking stage and screen, gymnastics, violin, homelearners drama, circus, and I joined girl guides.

I have to go pick up my dad, bye.

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…uhhh…stuffs happening?

Hi…HA…HA that’s what happened in ‘The Simpsons’.   Bart was wearing clothes that were for yard work and his overalls had a flower on the front, and Nelson saw him and said…HA…Bart closed the door and opened it again…HA   it was so funny!…I CAN WRITE IN LOWERCASE NOW.   …uhhh   Dexter is playing lego.  He just stopped.   I’m tired.  From now on this blog is the news page and I am your reporter,  Lucy P.  So this is your reporter Lucy P,  signing out.

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I’m not 8…and other stuff

Hi,  I’m not 8, I’m 9.  OK now for the other stuff …uhhhhh…WE GOT PET RATS!  SOO CUTE.  I got  into an acting class that I had to audition for — YAY!   I’ve made some new friends  and…WE GOT A TV! YAY!   But no cable,  so we only get 4 channels  …uhhhhh… I have new friends in the neighborhood.  Their names are Sophia, Brittney,  Kennedy, and Sara.  Dexter made a new friend in the neighborhood named Simon who lives next door.

Bye for now : )

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vacation, trampoline, and instruments

hi.  ok,  vacation first.   so it was super fun we found a bunch of  neptunes necklesses  and we stayed at a camp site that had a zip line ( flying fox )    oh ya and  we went to hanmer  springs.                       ok trampoline.   soooo fun and we can bounce  really high.   instruments… i got a violin and we got a piano and a guitar and  drums  and they all sond GREAT  im   so  tired  so i gotta get going,  bye.

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hi everybody!! ha! that’s what the CRAZY doctor in the simpsons says EVEN WHEN HE DIES!!  simpson comics are really funny ( giggle ) time for bed, bye

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what we did yesterday.

Hi!  We went to go see sea lions at Sinclair Head, but they leave in October, so they weren’t there. We had fun anyway…

scenic beach

This part of the mountain looked like stairs…

scenic rock

We found a dead pufferfish!! it smelled really bad!


2.5 miles is a really long walk!!

2.5 miles is a really long walk!

Neptune’s Necklace… used to treat iodine deficiencies…

neptune's necklace

Red Rocks!!

red rocks!

Tidepool fun…

tidepool fun

Keeping an eye on those waves…

keeping an eye on those waves...

Kiwi starfish!!

kiwi starfish

Next weekend we’re going to Cape Palliser, where the largest breeding colony for the New Zealand fur seal is.  It is breeding season, so the males will all be fighting over girlfriends…

dexter wants a turn on the computer too, so i have to go.  bye!  lucy


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